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Dentistry is both an art and a science, and there’s no better example of that than with dental crown and bridge servicing! Crowns and bridges help to restore teeth as well as replace missing teeth when paired with dental implants, which are often used to support bridgework for a strong, permanent, and reliable hold. Crowns (the visual portion of a tooth) are made of synthetic materials that are then matched to your existing teeth for a beautiful and natural final result.

Anytime Dental specializes in crowns and bridgework that provide patients with the best functionality from their teeth in speaking, biting, and eating. Get in touch with our team today to learn if crowns and bridgework may be the best treatment solution for you!

Perfecting the tooth with Dental Crowns 

The top or visible portion of the tooth is referred to as the “crown” of the tooth, and synthetic crowns are typically made of porcelain and then matched by a specialist to your existing natural teeth. Before crowns are placed, the teeth receiving them must be prepared by your dentist with all existing plaque being removed and any cavity or root issues being addressed. Then, your dentist will remove some of the edges of the tooth so that there is a perfect fit with the crown. At Anytime Dental, we have lab specialists who have been creating flawless and functional crowns for years, providing countless patients with these highly beneficial dental appliances.

After your teeth are prepared for crowns, you will receive temporary crowns before your final crowns are placed. 

Restoring Your Smile with Bridgework

While crowns help to restore the aesthetics and function of individual teeth, bridgework connects these crowns to help restore entire rows and sections of teeth in the mouth. With even as few as two to three of your natural teeth as support, dental bridges can support entire rows of replacement crowns. The bridge connects to these few natural teeth and uses them as a base, and then supports the replacement teeth by filling in those missing spots. Bridges also work to support the underlying bone structure, which can quickly deteriorate when left untreated. Bridges can also be supported by dental implants for patients who require additional support due to already deteriorated or non-dense jaw bone material.

Up-Keeping Crown and Bridgework Results 

It’s vital after receiving crowns and bridgework to maintain your new beautiful smile with regular brushing and flossing, something that all dental patients should do no matter their treatment setting. This will help to avoid any plaque buildup with your new crowns and bridges, helping to maintain their longevity.

Trust the expert team of dental veterans at Anytime Dental for your crown and bridgework, and book a consultation with our team today to learn if crowns and bridges are the best treatment option for you!

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