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Fixed and Removable Dentures

Fixed and Removable Dentures in Gilbert, AZ

Whether a patient opts for a fixed or removable option, dentures are one of today’s top treatment methods for patients with missing teeth. Not only can you receive a permanent treatment option with fixed dentures that preserve jawbone material, bit you can also opt for removable dentures which some patients prefer for convenience. 

The dentists at Anytime Dental, as well as many other dental professionals, will likely recommend fixed dentures (or, dentures that are permanently supported by dental implants) for the following reasons:

  • They look, feel, and act just as your natural teeth do,
  • They provide incredible strength for the mouth and jaw,
  • They preserve the underlying jaw bone that can deteriorate when teeth are missing, 
  • And when properly cared for, they last a lifetime!

What All Goes Into Dentures?

Dentures treatments will look different from patient to patients, although many aspects of treatment will remain the same. Dentures can be both removable and permanent, depending on the needs and wants of the patient, and are paired with dental implants when it comes to permanent dentures. For these patients, the dentures process will begin with dental implants, which take the place of the existing tooth root as well as the “crown” or visible portion of the tooth. These implants are made of titanium, which have the unique ability to fuse to the jawbone without the risk of infection or rejection. This process creates an incredibly strong, permanent hold that will last a lifetime when properly maintained! In addition, it doesn’t take as many implants to support the number of teeth that you need removed, which as few as four to dental implants being able to support an entire row of teeth!

Getting Your Dentures 

Once your dental implants have been placed (if you’re going the permanent route), they will they need three or so months to fully heal before final crowns are placed on these implants. If more than one tooth needs to be replaced, bridgework will be used to successfully replace these teeth. For dentures patients, this is when dentures will be placed that attach to your implants, giving you a perfect, brand new smile! During this healing process, there will be a few necessary food restrictions to make as to best allow your implants to heal, such as avoiding hard candies and other similar foods and treats. 

Have you been looking for permanent or removable dentures? Get in touch with our team today to learn if dentures at Anytime Dental may be the best treatment solution for you!

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