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Many patients, whether it be due to dental phobias or general anxiety at the dentist, require additional means or relaxation when undergoing routine dental procedures. To provide the most comfortable and enjoyable dental experience possible, the team at Anytime Dental offers patients different sedation dentistry options to ease stress and anxiety, as well as avoid any discomfort during treatments. We offer local anesthesia for patients who require it (mainly for treatments such as fillings and root canals), as well as general anesthesia for more serious procedures. 

Whatever treatment you’re undergoing and no matter the level of comfort you desire during treatment, the team at Anytime Dental is able to offer expert dental sedation to patients who require it. 

Different Sedation Methods:


Mainly, there are two types of sedation the team at Anytime Dental will provide to patients who require sedation during treatment:

  • Nitrous Oxide: Commonly known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a safe and proven method for sedation that offers many patients much relief during their treatments. This sedation method gives patients a “heavy” feeling that typically offers patients the relaxation during treatment that they’re looking for. 
  • Direct IV: For more serious dental procedures, some patients may require general sedation which is administered through a direct IV. While this does not put the patient fully “to sleep,” most patients using this method of sedation do not remember their treatment. If you’re going for general sedation during your dental procedure, 
Whichever sedation method you end of choosing, the team at Anytime Dental in Gilbert, Arizona is ready and able to provide you the best and most relaxing dental experience you’ve ever had. Ask our team about our different sedation dentistry options the next time you’re in our office!

Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety 

Many patients, whatever the reason may be, have general phobias and fears when it comes to visiting the dentist. To help patients overcome this anxiety, not only have we provided a state-of-the-art dental facility with a veteran and welcoming staff, but we also provide the above sedation methods to help our patients feel as comfortable as possible when in our office. 


If you’ve been thinking about sedation dentistry, get in touch with our team today to learn about the different sedation dentistry options available at Anytime Dental!

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