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Professional Teeth Whitening in Gilbert, AZ

More and more Americans turn to professional teeth whitening each year to enhance their smile and remove tough stains from wine, coffee, tea, and other stain-causing foods, beverages, and habits. At Anytime Dental, our whitening teem is certified in today’s top whitening methods to guarantee you your best and brightest smile yet from your next whitening session with Anytime Dental! Even from just one whitening session, teeth whitening patients at Anytime Dental will notice an increase in several shades of whiteness from before their session. 

While at-home whitening kits may seem to offer convenience, these kits simply cannot match the stain-fighting power of professional whitening. 

Convenient, Top-Rated Teeth Whitening

At Anytime Dental, we offer a few different professional whitening methods to fit the varying time availabilities and lifestyles of our patients. Primarily, the whitening process begins with an initial consultation to determine if your teeth are healthy enough for whitening. Any cavities or root complications will first be addressed before commencing with any whitening. Commonly, patients at Anytime Dental will undergo in-office whitening, with leverage the state-of-the-art in-office whitening technology. We do, however, also offer professional-grade whitening kits that pack far more of a whitening punch that over-the-counter whitening kits. These kits are ideal for busy professionals, and whitening teeth far more efficiently than their cheaper counterparts you can find in stores  

Caring For Your Teeth After Whitening 

Post-whitening, caring for your teeth will be the difference between keeping your results long-term and having to have whitening re-administered. It’s important to maintain a strong oral health regimen after professional whitening, and to remember to brush and floss regularly after your whitening treatment. If you smoke use chewing tobacco, these habits should be reduced or, better yet, eliminated entirely to best keep your new white smile. 

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