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Marking the relationship between science and art within dentistry, dental crowns and bridgework help patients replace teeth using these time-tested and highly reliable treatment options that millions of dental patients in American enjoy. Crowns and bridgework require a dentist that is skilled both in the science of dentistry, but also the artistry and keen eyes that make for a great crown and bridge dentist. Dental crowns are matched to your natural teeth to give you the best and most complete-looking smile, and are made by skilled technicians to give you the best and most natural-looking smile possible. Not only do crowns make for a far better-looking smile, they also help improve the functionality of the smile as it pertains to chewing, eating, and biting. 

Dental Crowns 

Dental crowns are typically made of porcelain, and are the top, visible portion of the tooth. Before dental crowns are placed, your dentist will prep the teeth by removing any present plaque and then shaving down certain parts of the top of the teeth to ensure a perfect fit when your crowns are added. This fit will help not only with the appearance of your crowns, but also with comfort and crown functionality. Crowns at San Tan Valley Smiles are expertly crafted by lab specialists to best match your existing teeth, and are made to be of the best possible quality. 

Expert Bridgework in San Tan Valley

Bridges then help to connect crowns for patients who require multiple teeth to be replaced. Bridges rest on your natural teeth (typically only two to four teeth are used as support) and then hold the crowns in place using this support. Patients who have strong jawbones are the best candidates for bridgework as their natural teeth can easily provide this support. For patients who have less dense jaw bones, your dentist will likely recommend dental implants for a permanent and strong hold. When this jaw bone material under the replaced teeth is weak, this can lead to further jaw bone deterioration and less permanent results that require more maintenance and upkeep on behalf of your dentist. 

Caring For Your Crowns and Bridges 

Post care, it’s vital to continue brushing and flossing as normal to keep your crowns and bridges free of plaque and infection. Regardless of whether you undergo crown and bridgework, a strong oral health regime is key for a healthy and bright smile! Keeping this strong regimen will help ensure that your crowns last as long as possible, and that your bridges continue to do their job of supporting multiple missing teeth. Many crown and bridge patients also wear night guards and similar appliances to help best protect their results from any excessive biting at night. 

Get in touch with the veteran crown and bridgework team at San Tan Valley Smiles today to book a consultation with us today, and find out if crowns and bridges are the best tooth replacement solution for you!

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