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For patients that are looking to replace missing teeth, dental implants remain a time-tested and reliable method for replacement that millions of Americans are enjoying the benefits of. The dental implant team at San Tan Valley Smiles leverage today’s most advanced dental implant techniques and treatment protocols, as well as technological advancements made in implant dentistry just in the past several years, to guarantee our patients the best possible results from their dental implant treatment. 

Dental implants consist of two parts – a titanium post, which is the implant itself, that takes the place of the old tooth root. This post fuses to the jawbone during a healing process after an implant procedure, resulting in incredible, permanent strength and jawbone support that will last a lifetime. The other part of the implant is the crown, which is the top, or visible, portion of the tooth that is placed on top of the implant. 

What Are Dental Implants?
Dental implants are made of titanium as this material has the unique ability to fuse to jaw bone without the risk of infection. This implant is placed into the jawbone through a procedure and then must heal over a period of a few months. Temporary crowns can be given that will mimic the final results of your implants. During this healing, the implant itself fuses to thee jawbone, creating a strong and permanent hold that makes eating and speaking easier!

A Versatile Tooth Replacement Solution
Dental implants are an incredibly versatile tooth replacement solution that can benefit patients in a variety of different treatment scenarios:

For patients who only need one tooth replaced, dental implants make for a convenient solution that can easily replace and support one missing tooth. It’s important to note that dental implants also support underlying bone structure, making for long-term results that offer permanent strength and support for your new teeth. 

Some patients require several teeth to be replaced, whether it be due to long-term tooth decay, severe gum disease, or other complications. When it comes to replacing multiple teeth with dental implants, the number of teeth that need to be replaced is not also the same number of implants that must be used – as few as four to six implants can support an entire arch of teeth!

There are also some patients who require full mouth restorations, meaning that all of their teeth must be replaced. In these cases, dental implants are an ideal treatment option not only for their ability to replace many teeth with only a few implants, but their ability to support underlying bone structure and maintain this strength for the rest of the patient’s life. 

Some patients want a removable treatment option rather than a permanent solution to missing teeth, in which case these patients can opt for removable dentures supported by dental implants. This is a treatment option for patients who have strong enough underlying bone structure to support removable dentures, as much of the time your dentist will recommend dental implants for their added bone support. 

Post-Treatment Dental Implant Care

Caring for dental implants is as simple as brushing and flossing as you would normally do. However, it is important to note that maintaining strong oral health is the best way to maintain your dental implants, and ensure that they last a lifetime. 

Get in touch with our team today to find out if dental implants may be the best tooth replacement treatment for you!

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