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Both removable and fixed dentures remain two of the best and most thoroughly time-tested methods for replacing missing teeth. Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution, removable solution, require one tooth to be replaced or all of your teeth to be replaced, the dentures experts at San Tan Valley smile can provide the best possible dentures treatment solution for you! While our team offers both removable and fixed dentures, our team will likely recommend fixed dentures supported by dental implants for these reasons, among others:

  • They appear just as natural teeth, 
  • They offer a firm and permanent hold,
  • Fixed dentures support underling jawbone material,
  • They offer a permanent and life-long solution when properly maintained!

How Dentures Work

Permanent dentures are paired with dental implants to offer a strong and unmatched hold that also serve to protect and preserve the underlying bone structure. For patient who have less dense jaw bone, your dentist will likely recommend permanent dentures as opposed to removable dentures. For patients who have a strong jaw, however, removable dentures are a convenient treatment option that also serve to replace missing teeth very well. An implant is made of two parts – the implant itself, which is a titanium root that takes the place of the missing tooth root, and the crown that is fitted on top of this implant. Titanium is used as this metal has the ability to actually fuse to the jawbone, creating an incredible strong and stable tooth replacement option. In addition, the number of teeth that need replacing is not the same number of implants that must be placed – as few as four to six dental implants can be used to support an entire row of teeth!

Placing Your Dentures and Post-Treatment Care

Before any implants are placed, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth and jaw to see the underlying bone structure. Patients with a strong and dense jawbone can safely opt for removable dentures, whereas patients with a weaker jawbone will be recommended implant-supported dentures that are permanent for a stronger and more stable hold. There is then an implant procedure where the implants are actually placed, and then a healing process must occur where the titanium implants actually fuse to the jawbone. Then, crowns that are matched to your natural teeth are placed on top of these implants. It’s vital that after care patients continue to brush and floss regularly to maintain their implants and gain the best possible long-term results from their treatment. 

If you’re currently struggling with missing teeth, book a dentures consultation with the veteran dentures team at San Tan Valley Smiles today!

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