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Root Canal Dentist In San Tan Valley

Thanks to new advancements in dental technologoy, as well as advancements made in treatment protocols, dental patients today can enjoy pain-free root canal procedures at San Tan Valley Smiles. While many dental patients dread so much as hearing the phrase “root canal,” most root canal patients at San Tan Valley Smiles report that the most painful part of their root canal is their initial injection of local anesthesia!

You may require a root canal if the inner pulp, or root, of the tooth becomes infected. This infection leads to moderate to severe pain that can last for months or even years on end, and root canal treatments seek to remove this infected material and relieve any pain that the patient may be experiencing. 

There’s No Need To fear Root Canals

Note that root canals are meant to reduce pain and discomfort, not add to it! These treatments seek to remove infected root material from the tooth and replace it with a synthetic material, thus saving the tooth from extraction and further infection. Before your dentist works to remove this infected material, local anesthesia is used to provide the patient with as much comfort during this procedure as possible during their treatment. Then, your dentist will access the inner root of the tooth, remove the infected root material, and then replace this material with a synthetic material that renders the tooth safe from infection and removes any risk of extraction. 

Trust San Tan Valley Smiles To Relieve Your Root Pain

When it comes to root canals, no two dental teams are alike! The team at San Tan Valley Smiles leverages today’s best treatment protocols with advanced dental technologies to give our patients the best possible results from their treatments, as well as the most comfortable treatment experience possible. 

If you’re experiencing signs of a root infection, such as extreme sensitivity or moderate to severe tooth pain, get in touch with our team today to see if you can benefit from root canal procedures at San Tan Valley Smiles!

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