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Sedation Dentistry in San Tan Valley

Some patients simply require or request additional relaxation during treatment, which is why the team at San Tan Valley Smiles work to provide different methods of sedation to patients. Additional sedation during routine or serious dental treatments can help patients relax during their treatment, ultimately resulting in an overall better and more enjoyable dental experience. Local anesthesia is typically used for routine procedures such as fillings and root canals, however, our team offers additional sedation methods that may provide a greater level of comfort during treatment. 

Methods of Sedation Dentistry: 


Two main methods of additional sedation are used for patients who request or require additional sedation and comfort during treatment:

Nitrous Oxide, or “Laughing Gas”

Laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, is a very common method of sedation that many patients rely upon for additional relaxation during treatment: 

  • IV Sedation: More additional relief, some patients may require a general anesthesia or direct IV sedation that offers even more relief than simply local anesthesia. General anesthesia affects the whole body, and while it does not put you “to sleep,” most patients do not remember their treatments received under local anesthesia. 
Regardless of which sedation method you and our team feel would best fit your needs, both of these sedation methods can certainly help you achieve a greater level of comfort during treatment. 

Maximum Comfort and Relaxation During Treatment 

Dental phobias and general anxiety regarding the dentist can leave many patients afraid to visit the dentist or undergo necessary treatments to maintain their oral health. San Tan Valley Smiles offer the above sedation methods to help patients overcome dental fears, and achieve their healthiest smile in the most comfortable and relaxing treatment setting possible. It is important to note, however, that these sedation methods can result in drowsiness and light-headedness after treatment. If you’re receiving any sedation whatsoever when at the dentist, prepare transportation afterwards so you can make it home safely. 

Get in touch with team at San Tan Valley Smiles today to ask about our sedation dentistry methods and if they can potentially help you achieve a higher level of comfort when undergoing dental treatments!

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