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With millions of Americans turning to professional teeth whitening every year, the team at San Tan Valley Smiles works diligently to provide patient with the best and most up-to-date teeth whitening methods. Professional teeth whitening can provide patients with a brighter, bolder, and more appealing smile than at-home kits. As San Tan Valley’s premier teeth whitening office, our certified team of experts has helped hundreds of patients brighten their smile with professional whitening, leaving teeth several shades whiter than before!

Convenient, Effective Teeth Whitening 

Over-the-counter whitening kits can seem appealing, however, these kits simply do not pack the same whitening power as professional whitening! However, our team can provide at-home kits that pack far more stain fighting power than traditional store-bought whitening kits. These kits are ideal for busy professionals or patients who simply don’t have much availability for professional whitening sessions. These kits use whitening gels and materials that are far stronger than that provided by over-the-counter kits!


Caring For Your Whitened Teeth

Post-whitening, it’s vital to maintain string oral health to keep your whitening results. Be sure to continue brushing and flossing as normal, as well as using a mouth rinse or other oral antiseptic to keep plaque and stain-causing bacteria at bay. Also, it’s vital after whitening to avoid stain-causing habits such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Reduce these habits after whitening, or, better yet, try to quit them entirely to best protect your teeth and overall health. 

Book your next whitening session with the team at San Tan Valley Smiles by getting in touch with us today, or call our team to request more information about whitening at San Tan Valley Smiles!

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