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Millions of Americans today enjoy the benefits of both fixed and removable dentures, which help to restore the smile and replace missing teeth while also protecting the teeth from future complications. Fixed dentures are permanent, and supported by dental implants, which you can read more about by clicking Dental Implants from the Services tab above. Dentures are an ideal treatment option for patients who require missing teeth to be replaced, and for patients suffering from a deteriorating jaw bone. 

Do note, however, that your dentist in most cases will recommend fixed dentures over removable dentures for the following reasons and more:

  • Their look, feel, and function as natural teeth do,
  • Their incredible support and strength, 
  • They protect and heal the underlying jawbone, 
  • They offer a permanent and reliable solution!

Fixed and Removable Dentures 

Fixed dentures, as stated above, are supported by dental implants, which are easily one of today’s best and most reliable tooth-replacement methods that millions of Americans have turned to for missing tooth replacements. Dental implants leverage a titanium post, which is the implant itself, that is inserted into the root of the tooth. A crown is then placed on top of the implant that acts as the visible portion of the tooth. This crown is matched to your existing teeth to make for a beautiful and natural-looking smile. Titanium is used as the material for these posts as this metal has the ability to fuse to the jawbone, making for an incredibly strong, permanent hold. As few as four to six implants can be used to support an entire row of teeth!

Receiving Your Dentures 

If you’re opting for fixed dentures, this treatment process will begin with an implant procedure where the titanium implants themselves are placed into the tooth socket, taking the place of the existing tooth root. Then, there will be a healing process of several months where the implants fuse to the jawbone and create a strong and permanent hold. After this healing process, your dentures will be placed on top of the implants completing your new smile. 

For removable dentures, the process is the same, except the dentures placed on top of the implants are removable rather than fixed. 

Contact our veteran implant team today to find out which dentures options may be best for you!

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