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Dental implants are one of today’s leading treatments for missing and decaying teeth. While this treatment solution has existed for years, advancements made in just the past few years have enabled the team here at Anytime Dental – Phoenix to provide exceptional implant dentistry to patients, offering exceptional final results and a fully customized treatment process. Dental implants work to preserve and protect the underlying bone structure of teeth, helping to ensure long-term health of teeth and bones. 

There’s more than meets the eye with dental implants! A dental implants is made up of two central parts – the implant itself which is fused with the jawbone, and then a crown with is matched to your natural teeth and placed on top of the implant. The implant itself takes the place of the root of the tooth, whereas the crown is the visible portion of the dental implant, which is placed after the implant has had a chance to fuse to the jawbone and heal. With patient-reported success rates of over 90%, dental implants remain one of the most reliable solutions for missing teeth.

The Science of Dental Implants 
Dental implants are made of titanium as this material has the unique ability to fuse to jaw bone without the risk of infection. This implant is placed into the jawbone through a procedure and then must heal over a period of a few months. Temporary crowns can be given that will mimic the final results of your implants. During this healing, the implant itself fuses to thee jawbone, creating a strong and permanent hold that makes eating and speaking easier!

Tooth Replacement Options Using Dental Implants
There are several circumstances in which dental implants can be used to replace teeth, depending on the needs of individual patients:

Replace Single Teeth — There are many patients who simply need one tooth replaced, which dental implants are an ideal fix for. This is a very straightforward treatment solution with only one implant and one crown being required to replace the tooth. Dental implants can be thought of as health investments given their longterm effectiveness and ability to help prevent bone and tooth issues down the line. 

Multiple Tooth Replacements — There are other patients who need multiple teeth replaced, and dental implants as well as other dental appliances make for a perfect treatment option for these cases. This solution is cost-effective as well, given that every missing tooth does not require its own implant – just a few implants can support several missing teeth and multiple crowns through a dental bridge, which fills the gap between natural teeth.

Full Mouth Replacements — Some patients require all of their natural teeth to be replaced, either due to decay, infections, or other complications. As stated above, just a few dental implants can be used to support several missing teeth, making dental implants an ideal treatment option for full mouth replacements. An entire row of teeth can be placed with as few as four to six implants, similar to a building that only requires a few pillars to stand. If a patient has more severely deteriorated jawbone, this is a case where six implants may be required as opposed to four in order to best support your new teeth. These new teeth offer an incredibly strong, permanent hold that can last the rest of your life when properly maintained!

The Supporting of Removable Dentures — There are also patients that prefer a removable option as opposed to something more permanent. This is also common with patients who already have removable dentures, and prefer them for their convenience or comfort. It is important to note, however, that permanent dental implants are much better at preserving underling bone tissue, and this option will be recommended most of the time to help prevent the loss of jaw bone. However, the implant dentistry team at Anytime Dental can provide removable dentures that are supported by implants for patients who prefer this treatment option. These dentures offer a better fit and stronger support for patients who prefer removable tooth replacement options. 

Caring for your Implants

The best way to ensure that your dental implants last a lifetime is to establish a regular care routine that will help your dental implants look and feel their best. When properly maintained with regular brushing and flossing, your dental implants can last the rest of your life, and poor oral hygiene can negatively implant the ability of your dental implants to support your missing teeth. Regular visits to the team at Anytime Dental can also help our team keep an eye out for any complications regarding your dental implants, and also recommend ongoing home care. 

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