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Orthodontics in Chandler, AZ

Orthodontics in Chandler, Arizona

Both teen and adult patients today turn to orthodontic treatments for a straighter and overall healthier smile. Orthodontics not only better the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but also help improve the functionality of your smile bu further exposing the tooth surface. This also makes teeth easier to clean, making for a healthier smile overall! Orthodontic treatments are also able to correct a wide array of different bite and jaw abnormalities, making them a fantastic solution for those suffering from fixable speech problems.


Orthodontics in general takes advantage of your teeth’s ability to change places, meaning that your teeth have the ability to move in the mouth within their sockets. While many patients think of teeth as being firmly fixed in their position in the mouth, teeth are actually far more malleable than most may think. This also shifts the position of the underlying bone structure, which can also shift. Braces and other orthodontic appliances work by gradually moving your teeth into an optimal final position by applying constant pressure and force that pushed your teeth in this direction. For issues such as misaligned teeth, braces and other orthodontic appliances such as invisible aligners simply work to move your teeth into a straighter position in the mouth, and also thus a healthier position. Orthodontics can also work to fix jaw and bite issues such as underbites, overbites, and cross bites, which effect a patient’s ability to eat and speak properly.


Orthodontic Options for all Ages and Lifestyles

While an ideal age to undergo orthodontic treatments is adolescence, millions of adults in America today enjoy the benefits of orthodontics! When patients are still in their adolescent years, their bodies are growing very quickly, often resulting in faster treatment times and better overall orthodontic results. However, one in about every five orthodontic patients today is actually over the age of eighteen, breaking the myth that braces and orthodontic care is only for kids.


Due to different social stigmas and for the sake of discretion, many adult patients will not opt for traditional metal braces, but instead will opt for invisible aligners, which are invisible even at a conversational distance! Aligners work by leveraging a series of custom aligners that gradually move your teeth into a desired final position, in the same fashion as traditional metal braces. Given their invisible appearance, many adult patients will prefer this option, especially for adult patients who are busy professionals.


Keeping Your Orthodontic Results and Post-Treatment Care


It’s vital that after orthodontic care is completed that patients continue brushing and flossing as normal, and wear their retainers as directed. These steps will help ensure that you retain your results from orthodontic care and that your teeth do not shift back into their old positions.


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