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Thanks to innovations made in root canal treatment protocols and dental technologies, root canals are now a routine dental procedure, whereas they used to be a treatment dreaded by patients far and wide. Now, root canals at Anytime Dental can be performed while causing little to no pain or discomfort for the patient, and many of today’s root canal patients say that their initial injection of local anesthetic is the most discomforting part of their procedure!

Trust the veteran team at Anytime Dental to relieve root-related pain that can be corrected through our innovative root canal techniques. 

When Does A Root Canal Become Necessary?

A root canal becomes necessary when the inner root, or “pulp,” of the tooth becomes infected due to long-term neglect or decay, and infected particles find their way into the tooth root. This infection can then cause moderate to severe pain, and a tooth extraction may become necessary. However, a root canal aims to alleviate this pain and remove this infected material from within the tooth, and replace the inner tooth pulp with synthetic materials that protect the tooth from future infection. 

Before your dentist performs a root canal, you’ll be given an injection of local anesthesia. This is the part of the procedure that many patients, funny enough, find the most discomforting. After this, your dentist will access the tooth root, remove any infected materials, and then fill the area with a synthetic material. Your tooth is now saved from extraction, so long as a strong oral health regimen is maintained!

See The Team At Anytime Dental For Your Root Canal Needs

Root canal patients at Anytime Dental can enjoy today’s most advanced root canal treatment protocols, and root canals that are as minimally discomforting as possible. Root canals are now, thankfully, considered to be routine dental treatments, whereas in the past they were considered serious dental operations. 

If you’re experiencing severe tooth sensitivity, pain, or general tooth discomfort, get in touch with our team today to find out if you may be able to benefit from a root canal procedure. 

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