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While living in fear of root canals was a reality of yesterday’s dentistry, modern advancements in root canal therapy and dental technologies have rendered root canal treatments no more discomforting than your routine dental filling! In fact, root canals have become just that – a routine procedure – whereas they used to genuinely be serious surgical procedures. 

When the inner root of the tooth becomes infected and the patient is experiencing constant pain, this is a sign that a root canal should take place. Root canals seek tp remove the infected root, or “pulp,” of the tooth and replace it with a synthetic root material that renders the toot safe from extraction and helps to prevent future infection. At Anytime Dental, our team works to leverage the absolute newest and most advanced root canal treatment protocols and procedures to make root canals as comfortable and convenient for our patients as possible.

How Root Canals are Performed 

The inside of your tooth is actually soft – this material is referred to as “dental pulp” and makes up the very inner later of the tooth structure. This soft material can become prone to infection when teeth are not properly maintained, leading to infectious materials making their way inside the tooth. This infection can lead to extreme pain for the patient, making it necessary to have this root material removed and replaced with a synthetic material. If this process is not done, the tooth may need to be extracted entirely to stop this pain. Root canals seek to stop this pain, and save the tooth. 

Before a root canal begins, your dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the entire surrounding area of the tooth to ensure the highest level of comfort during the root canal procedure. This injection is humorously enough what many root canal patients find to be the most painful part of their root canal! Beyond this point, many patients feel very little to no discomfort. Once the patient is comfortable, your dentist will then access the inner part of the tooth, remove the infected materials, and then replace them with a synthetic material that then saves the tooth. 

Rely on an Experienced Team for your Root Canal Needs 

When it comes to root canals, it’s very important to note that the experience you have before and after treatment depends heavily from dental team to dental team, given that different teams incorporate different treatment protocols and procedures for their treatments. At Anytime Dental, we’ve perfected our root canal treatment protocols over decades of experience between our veteran team members, and currently leverage the newest and most advanced dental technologies and procedures to ensure that our patients get the highest level of comfort possible from their treatment. 

Are you experiencing un-ignorable tooth or jaw pain? Get in touch with our team today to find out if you may require expert root canal therapy from the Anytime Dental team. 

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