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Dental emergencies can strike at any time – to make for the best outcome, it’s important to note how to best respond to dental emergencies, and to know what types of dental emergencies can occur. Whether you’re dealing with a chipped tooth, tooth that’s been knocked out, or other dental emergency, the team at San Tan Valley Smiles is ready and waiting to provide you top-rated emergency care!

Direct Dental Trauma

Trauma to the mouth, whether caused by falls, sports injuries, or other causes, should always be treated immediately to address any tooth chipping or cracking that has occurred, in addition to other dental injuries that have occurred. Broken teeth, knocked out teeth, and other similar serious injuries should always be met with immediate action. For permanent teeth that have been knocked out, place the tooth back in its socket while you make your way to your dentist’s office. If you cannot place the tooth back in immediately, place the tooth in a container of cold milk as you make your way to the dentist. If there is any bleeding that persists, place a warm, damp towel on the bleeding area and place pressure on it. 

Chipped and cracked teeth can often be treated as well – try to locate any broken or chipped pieces as they can often be placed back onto the tooth! If there is any excessive bleeding that does not stop, place a damp towel on the bleeding area and make your way to the emergency room.

Moderate to Severe Tooth Pain

Moderate to severe tooth pain can often be a sign of underlying oral health conditions such as gum disease or an infected tooth root, which needs to be replaced via a root canal procedure to save the tooth from extraction and further infection. Fortunately for today’s root canal patients, there have been many advancements made in treatment protocols as well as dental technologies that have now made root canals a standard and routine dental procedure, and many root canal patients say that the injection of local anesthesia is the most uncomfortable part of their procedure!

Injuries to the Gum Tissue

Gum tissue can often be easily subjected to injury due to forceful bites, scalding hot liquids and foods, falls, sports injuries, as well as other occurrences that can result in deep scraping or cuts to the gum tissue. These types of injuries can cause infections and other injuries such as painful cysts in the mouth as well as other complications. If you experience an injury to the gum tissue, rinse your mouth with dilute salt water, place a damp towel on any bleeding areas, and make your way to the dentist. If this bleeding is severe, make your way to the emergency room. 

Braces and Orthodontic Emergencies 

The good news for braces patients is that there are few true orthodontic emergencies that can occur, with the most common orthodontic emergencies being very easy to treat. These common emergencies mainly deal with brocket brackets and wires, which can be corrected at your orthodontic provider’s office. For more serious orthodontic emergencies such as direct severe trauma to the face and orthodontic appliances, these emergency should be met with an immediate visit to the emergency room to address any deep wounds that have occurred. These types of emergencies can arise from sports injuries and several falls. 


When a dental or orthodontic emergency strikes, trust the dedicated emergency dentistry team at San Tan Valley smiles with your emergency case. 

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