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For many teens and adults, braces and other orthodontic treatments help to give them not just a straighter smile, but a healthier and more functional smile overall. At San Tan Valley Smile, our veteran orthodontic team is able to offer top-rated orthodontic care to patients of all ages, restoring both confidence and functionality to your smile. While many patients think that orthodontics is purely for aesthetics, this couldn’t be farther from the truth – orthodontic care often helps to better reveal the surface of the teeth, making your teeth easier to clean, resulting in a healthier smile overall by avoiding plaque buildup, gum disease, and other complications. 

Your teeth have the amazing ability to move in their sockets, whereas many dental patients may think of teeth as firmly rooted in place. By applying pressure over long periods of time, orthodontic care seeks to move teeth into a desired final position that is most optimal for both function and visual purposes. Orthodontics can be used to correct common orthodontic issues such as overbites, underbites, cross bites, an array of various jaw issues, and other complications. When it comes to orthodontic appliances, there are many other options than simply traditional metal braces – patients at Anytime Dental can also opt for the patient-favorite choice of invisible aligners!

Orthodontic Treatments for All Ages
Younger age is ideal for orthodontic treatments as this is when the body begins to grow very quickly, often resulting in shorter treatment times and more effective treatment overall. However, even though many patients may think that only children and teens get braces, many orthodontic patients today are adults! The American Association of Orthodontics has estimated that one out of every five orthodontic patients in America is an adult, with millions of adults turning to orthodontic treatment every year. It’s never to late to benefit from orthodontics! Most adult patients will opt for invisible aligners over metal braces due to their discreet appearance. 

Keeping Your Results for Life
You’ll want to maintain the results of your orthodontic treatment after spending months wearing orthodontic appliances! The best way to do this is to wear your retainer as directed by your orthodontic care provider, which will help to keep your teeth in their desired final position for good. Most braces patients will have a retainer for life, whereas some will wear a retainer for several years after treatment. 

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